Beautifully made coffee and delicious bakes served from the back of our

Morris Minor van or our beachside coffee shop in Porth.




A refreshing








Bert is our beautiful 1969 Morris Minor Van and the fifth member of our family!

He was bought from a very nice man called Terry in Buckinghamshire. Bert now enjoys sea-views, but is still in touch with Terry and their friendship continues to this day.

Admittedly it's probably not the most practical and spacious of vehicles to choose for a business, but we have a long family history of Moggies (Rosie learnt to drive in her Dad's Morris Traveller) which made it the only option when selecting a van. After many months of planning though, we managed to fit everything in nice and neatly and looking cute as a button too!

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  • #millionaires #flapjack

  • #millionaires #flapjack

  • @David_McWilliam clotted cream urno?

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  • It's another scorcher so the window's out! Treated ourselves to new plants too. #coffeeshop…

  • Likewise @BurtsChips!

  • @David_McWilliam coz it's rank.

  • RT @LoveWineFood: Perfect start to sunny day in #Cornwall with 'proper job' coffee from @Laidbackcoffee calling in at #Denniscove

  • Bert and burtschips catching some rays.... #summer #sunday #sunshine #british #crisps #potatoes…

  • Doing the dishes doesn't having to be a drag..... New additions to our @gardinerstuart tea towel…

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  • @xbordersportive I hope not or they'll be a bit squidgy...might bake a fresh batch 😉

  • White chocolate & pecan cookies. #afternoon #tea

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  • Laid-back big brother/superstar Dj alert...

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